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  • The power of visualization..
    A daily visualization practice coupled with meditation is a powerful practice to have. Taking time to see yourself in your minds eye accomplishing or living in situations as if they have already taken place. Living from the end! I have practiced seeing myself living where I want, doing what I want to do and beingContinue reading “The power of visualization..”
  • Release your BS belief system!
    From the time we are born, we are handed others beliefs, β€œrights”, β€œwrongs”, religious views, governmental nonsense and more. So we go out into the world not knowing who we truly are, but being who we were told to be. So often those beliefs are instilled through shame, fear and guilt. I have learned overContinue reading “Release your BS belief system!”
  • Living in the moment!
    So many people are mentally living in their past or future. Living in the past can cause you to feel depressed and I’m the future can cause anxiety. I have learned that all we truly have is the present moment. When we live in the now, we see that all is well. It definitely takesContinue reading “Living in the moment!”
  • Allowing all to flow..
    Daily I remind myself to allow life to flow naturally. Allowing the divine to guide me in all that I do. We so often feel that we have control of what is going on, but I have found that for the most part it is an illusion. We are being moved like chess pieces inContinue reading “Allowing all to flow..”
  • Allowing change..
    I sit and observe all of the change taking place in my experience and those around me. The human mind so often wants to hold tightly to what is familiar and β€œcomfortable β€œ. This comfort is an illusion and often allows us to become stagnant. I realize that change is an inevitable part of thisContinue reading “Allowing change..”
  • The power of knowing!
    I have come to learn that there is a true power in knowing. When you live with a knowing that something is going to happen and turn out it will! I have called many things into my life trying to back it with hope, desperation or fear and to avail not seeing it show up.Continue reading “The power of knowing!”
  • We are all one!
    Over the last 6 years I have gone deep within myself and have been able to heal, find answers and grow. I have come to the deep understanding that we are all interconnected. We are told by government, some religions and old human constructs that we are separate. Our souls come on their own journeyContinue reading “We are all one!”
  • The power of unconditional love!
    I have learned how wonderful it feels to love everyone and everything without condition. The heart was always meant to love that way, unfortunately we are conditioned to judge others, be segregated and love when we get something in return. Our creator loves us without condition, loves without asking for something in return and givesContinue reading “The power of unconditional love!”
  • Bring it all together!
    I have learned over time that having the mind, body and soul connection is so powerful. I often work with folks who have one of those areas going well, but lacking in the others. They almost always fill unfulfilled and cannot understand why. Over the past 5 to 6 years I have learned and experiencedContinue reading “Bring it all together!”
  • Angel numbers!!
    Over the last several years I have learned a lot about angel numbers. Numbers like 111,222,333,1010,1111, etc. They have such a beautiful meaning and they are one way that the angels speak to us and give us guidance. Through meditation and prayer the more that I have come into alignment with the universe, the moreContinue reading “Angel numbers!!”