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  • We are all one!
    Over the last 6 years I have gone deep within myself and have been able to heal, find answers and grow. I have come to the deep understanding that we are all interconnected. We are told by government, some religions and old human constructs that we are separate. Our souls come on their own journeyContinue reading “We are all one!”
  • The power of unconditional love!
    I have learned how wonderful it feels to love everyone and everything without condition. The heart was always meant to love that way, unfortunately we are conditioned to judge others, be segregated and love when we get something in return. Our creator loves us without condition, loves without asking for something in return and givesContinue reading “The power of unconditional love!”
  • Bring it all together!
    I have learned over time that having the mind, body and soul connection is so powerful. I often work with folks who have one of those areas going well, but lacking in the others. They almost always fill unfulfilled and cannot understand why. Over the past 5 to 6 years I have learned and experiencedContinue reading “Bring it all together!”
  • Angel numbers!!
    Over the last several years I have learned a lot about angel numbers. Numbers like 111,222,333,1010,1111, etc. They have such a beautiful meaning and they are one way that the angels speak to us and give us guidance. Through meditation and prayer the more that I have come into alignment with the universe, the moreContinue reading “Angel numbers!!”
  • My first of many videos to lift the vibe on our planet!
  • Shine your light!
    As we continue on this journey, it brings us many challenges. We often find a way to side step those challenges or quiet them for a bit with external distractions. I so often have looked outside to lessen a life challenge. What I have recently learned is that those challenges lead to our greatest growth.Continue reading “Shine your light!”
  • Releasing the past..
    Releasing our past is huge in our healing and growth process. So often we beat ourselves up over past mistakes instead of learning from them and releasing them. I have done this for many years, replaying my mistakes and hurts that I have caused only to cause my own heaviness. I have asked for forgivenessContinue reading “Releasing the past..”
  • Practice allowing..
    Something that I have learned over the past few years of working deeply within myself and manifesting the life of my dreams is to allow things to come together just as they are supposed to. So often we pray for something and then want to force the outcome. God works in mysterious ways. Our prayersContinue reading “Practice allowing..”
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    m.facebook.com/story.php Be you!!!!
  • Be the light!
    With so much heaviness going on around the world right now, we need more light. Nothing stays in the dark forever. This time is temporary and we can make it even shorter if we can spread love and light everyday. Slow down and take the time to ask someone how they are doing and trulyContinue reading “Be the light!”