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  • My beautiful vision
    As I prayed and meditated this morning I saw a beautiful vision. I saw all people living in love with each other. I saw all of us with more than enough abundance in every way. I saw us serving each other with our gifts and enjoying what we do. I saw all of us withContinue reading “My beautiful vision”
  • The path to enlightenment and self realization
    Over the past 5 years I have been deeply headed down this path of healing and I will say it’s definitely heavy. The person that you once thought that you were slowly fades away. You start to see all of your neurosis and hang ups. I have learned how I have been addicted to sex,Continue reading “The path to enlightenment and self realization”
  • The power of gratitude
    I started keeping a gratitude journal about 5 years ago. I had always seen myself as a grateful person and used thank you many times a day. But as I began journaling my gratitude I realized how many small things I was taking for granted. The fact that the sun is the perfect distance fromContinue reading “The power of gratitude”
  • (no title)
    youtube.com/watch Always great wisdom from Ram Dass!
  • It’s all spiritual!
    This journey that we are all on is truly a spiritual one. We are here to learn, grow, heal and serve. We so often get caught up in the 3D aspect of things, but it’s so much greater. It’s a spiritual battle taking place every moment. That is why it all seems so heavy whenContinue reading “It’s all spiritual!”
  • (no title)
    youtube.com/watch A beautiful Ram Dass talk with so much truth.
  • Get off of the wheel
    I see so many people working jobs chasing a dollar and completely unhappy. I teach and challenge people to meditate go deep and look for what really lights up their soul. We all have a purpose or many that we can into this life with. It’s the thing that you do and absolutely love. YouContinue reading “Get off of the wheel”
  • The power of self growth
    We all come here with gifts. With these gifts we bring our unique spark that can and will serve others. So many people are living in the matrix not realizing their true gifts which will light them up are lying dormant within. As we work on our own growth we become a light to others.Continue reading “The power of self growth”
  • Mindful or mind full?
    Each day we can find ourselves so busy and overstretched with honestly things that don’t make much difference in the bigger picture of this life. So many people and things vying for our attention. All of which believe they are the most important. How often do you take the time to sit quietly and allowContinue reading “Mindful or mind full?”
  • Removing the fences
    As I sit in my morning prayer and meditation I see the fence that separates my neighbors home. I understand the want and need for privacy. This however made me think deeper. I look at how many ways we separate ourselves from each other. Through politics, religion, race, social status, and the list goes on.Continue reading “Removing the fences”