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  • Living in the now..
    We live such busy lives running from one place to another, adding another task to the list and placing all of the truly important people and things on the back burner. So often we are missing what we are truly here for. To love others, to use our gifts to serve others and to slowContinue reading “Living in the now..”
  • The Power Within!
    We were all born with this internal power that we so often do not use. The power of our thoughts. We create our reality from our thoughts, words, energy and focus. So often we allow our thoughts to run wild onto things that we do not want and that will most likely never happen. DailyContinue reading “The Power Within!”
  • Reach out..
    Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. No matter what the challenge or take is, ask for help. As humans we are social creatures and do better with a partner or team. This doesn’t mean be codependent, this means be willing to drop your pride and take the hand of someone whoContinue reading “Reach out..”
  • The power of this moment!
    We live in a world who tells us that the more busy that we are the more productive the life we live. I disagree. Yes there is a place and time for hard work and getting it done. But all to often we miss the now. We miss the opportunity to listen to a familyContinue reading “The power of this moment!”
  • The release..
    Let go and allow. Let go and allow life to flow. We are taught to strive and push and make things happen. This life is all a mere illusion. We are here in these bodies for a short time to use the gifts that we have been given to serve others and then our spiritContinue reading “The release..”
  • Living without force..
    As we awake each day, we must practice releasing control. Yes we have a our good practices and habits. We take care of ourselves and fulfill our commitments. The challenge that I pose to all is letting go of the out comes. Have a vision of your life, then release it to the universe. IContinue reading “Living without force..”
  • Remove the mask!
    To all people, but this being more focused on my brothers. Let’s remove the mask. The masks that we feel that we must wear because old thinking and society have told us we must act and be a certain way. We don’t have to act like the warrior at all times. We have both masculineContinue reading “Remove the mask!”
  • True freedom
    I have realized over the last few years and through doing my internal work, that true freedom comes when you let go. Let go of trying to control external circumstances. Let go of needing the approval of others. Let go of what an out come may be. Let go of how someone may respond toContinue reading “True freedom”
  • Slow down..
    When will we all slow down and be more present? We are all so busy and distracted today. We miss so many meaningful conversations and opportunities to impact others because we believe that we are meant to constantly be busy. We are told to strive more, consume more and hoard more. I believe that weContinue reading “Slow down..”
  • (no title)
    youtube.com/watch Such a beautiful way of seeing the truth in this life. Take the time to watch, you won’t be disappointed.