Remove the mask!

To all people, but this being more focused on my brothers. Letโ€™s remove the mask. The masks that we feel that we must wear because old thinking and society have told us we must act and be a certain way. We donโ€™t have to act like the warrior at all times. We have both masculine and feminine energy within us. The balance is necessary. We must know that itโ€™s ok to be vulnerable and to show all of our emotions. Itโ€™s ok to ask for help. We can show that we have big hearts and empathy for others. The mask of being tough is not necessary. We know that we can summons that warrior inside of each of us if need be, but why not focus on being a beacon of love and peace to those around us more than anything else. So I challenge all of us men to remove the mask and be truly authentic to who we know that we are. Much love!

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