The power of gratitude

I started keeping a gratitude journal about 5 years ago. I had always seen myself as a grateful person and used thank you many times a day. But as I began journaling my gratitude I realized how many small things I was taking for granted. The fact that the sun is the perfect distance from us to nourish and warm us but not make us burst into flames. The fact that we have the perfect amount of oxygen to breath. The colorful birds singing their beautiful songs for us to listen to as we sit and have our morning cup of coffee. On a deeper level the fact that all of my needs are meet daily and so many others in other parts of the world are struggling to live each day. So now I take the time to sit and open my heart to all of the what we see as small things. These seemingly small things are actually giving us all that we need. What a wonderful and loving creator we have.

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