The Power Within!

We were all born with this internal power that we so often do not use. The power of our thoughts. We create our reality from our thoughts, words, energy and focus. So often we allow our thoughts to run wild onto things that we do not want and that will most likely never happen. Daily we should practice sort and closing our eyes and seeing the life that we truly want and know that we deserve. Use our imagination which is one of our greatest gifts. Let your imagination run wild onto beautiful places, things and people. See life exactly the way that you want it to be. Do this daily and then release it to the universe. Believe the vision with all of your heart and feel as though it is already here. You will soon see all of the visions and dreams come to fruition. I have faith in all of you. Much love to all!

The release..

Let go and allow. Let go and allow life to flow. We are taught to strive and push and make things happen. This life is all a mere illusion. We are here in these bodies for a short time to use the gifts that we have been given to serve others and then our spirit moves on. We are told to take everything so seriously, but why? I say release and let life flow naturally without interfering. Allow your spirit to lead and I promise you it will take you right to where you are intended to be at all times. Take time to just be. Be present in each moment without any concern. Life is already taken care of for you. The divine plan is always unfolding even without your egos opinion. Much love to all!

True freedom

I have realized over the last few years and through doing my internal work, that true freedom comes when you let go. Let go of trying to control external circumstances. Let go of needing the approval of others. Let go of what an out come may be. Let go of how someone may respond to you sharing your heart. I saw myself and as I see many others out trying to control every aspect of life. I saw this grand desire of wanting the attention and approval of others. As I have released all of these things, I have felt more and more free as the days go on. I believe we become more magnetic the less that we look for these things. Those things or people that we have always desired suddenly come to you naturally. So I challenge you to experience true freedom. I challenge you to let go. Trust that everything happens in divine order. Experience true freedom! Much love and light to all.

Daily Intentions

As you start each beautiful day, set an intention. It can be something you want to do better than the day before. It may be something that you want accomplish for the day. It could be an intention to just take a day to recharge. Whatever it is, focus on it and put energy into it. Intentions are powerful. We truly have the ability to achieve or accomplish whatever we would like, if we only place our focus and energy on what that thing is. Practice it each day for a week and watch the benefits that you will reap. Much love and light!

Improving mind,body,soul connection…

When the mind, body and soul are connected you become a positive powerful light to the world. Practice daily working the body, meditation, journaling, positive podcasts and reading books that help you improve. We are all here on a mission to serve and love with our gifts. The healthier we are and the more aligned we are the greater we can serve the world. So love you and become a little better daily, then get out there and change the world!!

Open your heart to healing..

Allow yourself to heal. Heal from past hurts, mistakes and hang ups. Release control of all externals and focus on your healing. Allow yourself to feel. Feel the pain, the hurt, the sorrow and then let it go. On the other side of your healing is such a beautiful life. Free yourself and live your dream life.

Letting go…

I am letting go. Letting go of my past. Letting go of trying to control the external. Letting go of what no longer serves me. I am letting go to move actually move forward on my journey. I feel that west let go (surrender) to all that we cannot control in order to move forward fully on our soul path. I believe that we are more easily lead when we let go. So I suggest that we work on just ourselves and let go of all else in order to better serve the collective. I am letting go!!!

Infinite patience..

Continue to move forward as you patiently wait to see the fruits of your labor. Take one small step each day and act as if all has manifested for you already. Be able to watch a blade of grass grow if needed, it’s all on its way.

There is a divine time for everything and the desires of your heart will appear. They may not look exactly as you think they will, but they will be even more beautiful. You’re on your path and making progress. The ego wants it all now, but the building of the anticipation can be the best part if you can hold tight and know that so much beauty is being unfolded for you. Much love to all of you.

The power of now!!

The power of living in the now is amazing. So often we are distracted by everything around us and what we are told to focus on. In not being in the now we miss important clues that the universe is trying to convey to us through conversations, books, podcast condos, etc. It takes work to fully focus on each moment without letting the mind run into the future or dwell on the past. But I can definitely attest to the fact that when we become more present we begin to see the synchronicity that takes place on a regular basis. I believe that we are always being lead into things that go us grow and move into the next phase of our journey. Practice meditation, prayer, reading and Journaling on a daily and watch how things will come together. Much love and peace.