The power of visualization..

A daily visualization practice coupled with meditation is a powerful practice to have. Taking time to see yourself in your minds eye accomplishing or living in situations as if they have already taken place. Living from the end! I have practiced seeing myself living where I want, doing what I want to do and being with an idea of who you want to be with. As you do this daily, you see the universe deliver signs showing that these things will soon be manifest in your reality. The key is also feeling as if they are true. Know that they will come without a shadow of a doubt and you will inevitably see them appear. The when and how are not up to us, just know! Begin your practice today and watch the life of your dreams unfold!

Release your BS belief system!

From the time we are born, we are handed others beliefs, โ€œrightsโ€, โ€œwrongsโ€, religious views, governmental nonsense and more. So we go out into the world not knowing who we truly are, but being who we were told to be. So often those beliefs are instilled through shame, fear and guilt. I have learned over the past several years that it is hugely important to go within oneโ€™s self and find out what feels right to you. Through meditation and self reflection, I have been able to release so many things that truly didnโ€™t feel right for me. I have found my authentic self and it is amazingly freeing when you do. So my challenge to everyone, is to take time each day and go within. Find out what feels right for you. Let go of what others told us the norm and listen to your heart. Much love!

Allowing all to flow..

Daily I remind myself to allow life to flow naturally. Allowing the divine to guide me in all that I do. We so often feel that we have control of what is going on, but I have found that for the most part it is an illusion. We are being moved like chess pieces in front of the people that we are intended to meet and to the places we are to go.

Allowing change..

I sit and observe all of the change taking place in my experience and those around me. The human mind so often wants to hold tightly to what is familiar and โ€œcomfortable โ€œ. This comfort is an illusion and often allows us to become stagnant. I realize that change is an inevitable part of this human experience. I have learned that when we allow for change, it takes us to the next step on our journey. The new experiences help us continue to ascend just as we are all supposed to when we come to this earth school. When you face change whether it be a relationship, career, location, etc. embrace it with open arms, itโ€™s taking you to a higher level.

The power of knowing!

I have come to learn that there is a true power in knowing. When you live with a knowing that something is going to happen and turn out it will! I have called many things into my life trying to back it with hope, desperation or fear and to avail not seeing it show up. As I have learned to speak out what I see having, being and doing in this life with a true heart felt knowing, I see all of it manifest. Now the thing is, we donโ€™t know how or when these heart felt desires will show, but we KNOW that they will! Practice speaking out to the universe your hearts desires with a knowing that they will all be manifest in the perfect time. Much love to all!

We are all one!

Over the last 6 years I have gone deep within myself and have been able to heal, find answers and grow. I have come to the deep understanding that we are all interconnected. We are told by government, some religions and old human constructs that we are separate. Our souls come on their own journey of healing and evolving, but we are all here as one to serve and love each other. I know that part of what I am here to do is to help others see this and to live in a state of unconditional love for all. When we hurt another we are hurting the whole. I encourage all to go within every day. Ask for the truths of this spiritual journey to be revealed, youโ€™ll be amazed how differently you will see everyone and everything. Much love and light to all!

Angel numbers!!

Over the last several years I have learned a lot about angel numbers. Numbers like 111,222,333,1010,1111, etc. They have such a beautiful meaning and they are one way that the angels speak to us and give us guidance. Through meditation and prayer the more that I have come into alignment with the universe, the more I see these repaying numbers leading me along my journey. Become more present and slow down, you too will start seeing them everywhere. You will see them on the clock, on a receipt, on license plates and more. I urge you to look into them, and begin to listen to what you are being told. Whether we know it or not, we are always being divinely guided. Much love to all!

Shine your light!

As we continue on this journey, it brings us many challenges. We often find a way to side step those challenges or quiet them for a bit with external distractions. I so often have looked outside to lessen a life challenge. What I have recently learned is that those challenges lead to our greatest growth. The answers we need are on the inside. Meditation and quieting the mind has helped me immensely over the past few years. Begin to face the challenges head on and look for what the lesson is. Remember life is always working for us and never against us. Much love and light to all of you!

Releasing the past..

Releasing our past is huge in our healing and growth process. So often we beat ourselves up over past mistakes instead of learning from them and releasing them. I have done this for many years, replaying my mistakes and hurts that I have caused only to cause my own heaviness. I have asked for forgiveness in person and through meditation. I now am able to see more clearly and know what not to repeat. This life is a journey of growth, learning and healing. I believe when we begin to see it that way and love ourselves unconditionally through all stages of it, we will begin to enjoy each moment and day more and more. Embrace all of you and release what doesnโ€™t serve. Much love to all of you!