Angel numbers!!

Over the last several years I have learned a lot about angel numbers. Numbers like 111,222,333,1010,1111, etc. They have such a beautiful meaning and they are one way that the angels speak to us and give us guidance. Through meditation and prayer the more that I have come into alignment with the universe, the more I see these repaying numbers leading me along my journey. Become more present and slow down, you too will start seeing them everywhere. You will see them on the clock, on a receipt, on license plates and more. I urge you to look into them, and begin to listen to what you are being told. Whether we know it or not, we are always being divinely guided. Much love to all!

Are creating your heaven?

As I grow into who I am really am and always was meant to be, I see how much I was programmed to follow the crowd. I have always felt different than most but always connected with many. I always had questions as to why there was supposedly one way to do things. As I now realize that we have the power within to create a beautiful heaven right here and now! Meditation has been an amazing natural tool that has helped me slow down and listen. I can listen to my soul speak and know what works for me. I can decide what lights me up and how I feel fulfilled. I can serve in whichever way I am called to, without people giving me rules and telling me how to do so. I can plant my own foods and live on my own land out as a part of nature. This life is truly meant to be beautiful, we have just been programmed for most of our lives to believe that there are certain things that are supposed to bring us happiness. So I say follow your soul urges and live the life that has always been calling you. Live free, live happy, live inspired!!

Open your heart to healing..

Allow yourself to heal. Heal from past hurts, mistakes and hang ups. Release control of all externals and focus on your healing. Allow yourself to feel. Feel the pain, the hurt, the sorrow and then let it go. On the other side of your healing is such a beautiful life. Free yourself and live your dream life.

Listen to your path..

Good morning fam! We all have our own unique path on this journey. We are so often told that there is one right way to do this life, but I disagree. We all go through beautiful and ugly beautiful things along our path. Ugly beautiful sounds like a contradiction, but what I mean is even what we perceive as ugly is taking us to where we belong. I have been through a lot of ugly beautiful often by my own hand, but it has grown me to this place where I love myself for all of me and want to share what I have learned with the world. My path has taught me unconditional love for all. To accept and love everyone and everything for just who they are. All of what we call our imperfections make us that unique and beautiful soul that brings our own flare to this world. Embrace your different. Share your flare with passion and love. You are here for a reason and it’s meant to be different them everyone else’s. There are no extra people, the world needs you. Much love to all of you!