Who are you??

Look inside and see who you are. The temporary dopamine hits are not who you are. Identify with your truest self which is a pure loving, light hearted, giving soul. It’s ok to fall short, which you will do many many times. But ultimately you will find your way to who you are. The distractions that you have been duped into following, will reveal that they do not last. You are a beautiful expression of God. Embrace your truth and watch how life unfolds.

Watch “Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 140 – Changing Cultural Myths” on YouTube

Such profound wisdom I’m this talk. We are so blinded by the veil of myths that we are taught by school, family, religion and the like. In my opinion we must get silent and go within to find what is true for us. We are told that there is only one way and what is right, but I feel that is a bullshit belief system that holds us back from our truth. Practice meditation daily, ask for answers and watch how who you truly are, what you truly want and why you are here will surface. Much love to all of the beautiful souls!

Love for all…

Good morning beautiful world! As I just come out of my morning meditation I sit with a heart full of love for all of life. I have a vision of the world coming together in love and service for all. We have been duped into believing that we are supposed to be divided, whether by race, religion, political stance, vaccine or no, sexual preference. So many things have been used to influence people to work against each other, but foe what? I believe that we were all out here to be unique. To serve each other and all forms of life with our gifts and love. We have seen moments when disasters happen and people come together from everywhere to help. That can truly be our norm. I pray and meditate daily on love, peace and unity for all. I see a shift happening now. People are waking up more now than ever and I am excited and grateful. I will be an agent of change, a beacon of light and unconditional love. Little by little the shift is happening. Much love to all of you my fam!